Finnish Premiere – PORTMANTEAU

February 10th / By Luis.cirque
Finnish Premiere – PORTMANTEAU

THANK YOU everyone involved in the premiere of Portmanteau in Oulu this past weekend! It couldn’t be more perfect!

Thank you Mira Ravald for being part of this new adventure with me. It’s just the beginning..! Thank you for your investment, your trust, your ideas, your dedication, your love and for being you. Te amo!
Thank you Jere Mönkkönen and Antonio Alemanno for being so nice, generous and professional.
Thank you Júlia Valle for all the attention and support, and Sanna Vellava for the feed backs.
Thank you Pirjo Yli-Maunula for believing in us and for all the support. We couldn’t have done without you!
Thank you everyone from Valve, it’s always a pleasure to perform there!
Thank you Ville Walo for the constant support and trust!
Thank you for all the family: Monica Sartori, Mario Vale, Pedro Sartori Do Vale, Tuula A Ravald, Teuvo. It’s such an honor to know we can always count on you!
Thank you Felipe Gasnier and Maria Maier for your time and help!

And soon, the International Premiere in UP Festival, in Brussels!

Looking forward!


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