LENTO – short act

LENTO - short act

Duo juggling act

An excerpt from the performance LENTO, from company Nuua.




When working with familiar and common objects, a juggler can create a stronger relationship with the audience. Based on their personal experiences with the object, the spectators can appreciate the show in a whole different way, increasing the possibilities of interpretation.
Interesting objects, both aesthetically and physically, helium balloons are loaded with symbols and are part of the popular ludic universe.


In traditional juggling, due to gravity, the objects always return to the hands of the juggler. With helium balloons, they act like they’re trying to escape. A simple distraction can make the balloon ‘fall’ in the air, thus creating a real risk and an interesting sense of tension and ‘danger’.

Concept / performance 
Luis Sartori do Vale
Olli Vuorinen


Music / sound design
Petteri Rajanti


Light design
Jere Mönkkönen


Special Prize of the Jury
Festival du Cirque de Demain 2014

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