Contemporary circus / dance / visual arts

For children and young audiences


KAARI is an interdisciplinary performance for children and young audiences, combining contemporary circus, dance and visual arts.


In KAARI, the audience is invited on an enchanting journey into the world of creativity and imagination. Giving continuity to the research started with their previous performance Portmanteau, Luis and Mira explore the use of handmade visuals executed live on old overhead projectors, to build a dynamic and poetic visual environment.


Like an artist in front of a blank canvas, or a child playing with an empty box, Luis and Mira use the stage as their playground. With the simple manipulation of ordinary materials, shapes and colours on old overhead projectors, live images are projected on the space and on the performers, turning an empty white stage into a fantastic universe in which anything can happen.


A simple circle can transform itself into a moon or a juggling ball; stripes can play the roles of a fence or sea waves, an inkblot can become a beautiful butterfly or a scaring bat…


KAARI doesn’t tell a story. It tells multiple ones.


Not underlining but rather suggesting, the performance sensitively builds up around a narrative of a journey, leaving space for the children’s own imagination and interpretations.


Through movement, illusion and circus skills, the performers interact with each other and the projectors to create different situations and universes in which they travel through, finding challenges, surprises and discoveries along the way.


With the use of analog machines and live hand made visual art, the aim of the performance is to offer the audience the possibility of seeing and understanding how the performance itself is created.


We want to invite the children to follow the performers into the building of these playful universes and share withthem all the essential elements used in the execution ofthe performance: light, music, scenography, imagery and stage performance.



* Looking for partners, co-producers and residences

Concept / direction / performance
Luis Sartori do Vale
Mira Ravald


Music / sound design
Petteri Rajanti


Light design
Jere Mönkkönen




WHS Teatteri Union (FI)

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